10 facts about the missing IEBC officer, DANIEL MUSYOKA – See where his phone’s last location was traced.


As the search for missing IEBC returning officer Daniel Musyoka intensifies, here are 10 facts you should know.

· His wife, Tabitha, says that the family had searched unsuccessfully for him since he disappeared including hospitals, pharmacies, and even the morgue, but to no effect.

· The family says that police reported that his mobile phone signal disappeared an hour after he went missing. The phone’s last location was in Mihang’o, in Utawala, around 10am.

· The last time she reach out to him, he did not pick up his call. “The day he disappeared, I tried calling him but he did not answer. I was later told by his cousin, who lives in Utawala, that he was missing,” Tabitha added.

· CCTV footage shows the last moments of Musyoka. He left the tallying center and walked toward a nearby bus station. According to detectives, Musyoka was relaxed and showed no signs of concern.

· Musyoka had not made or received any calls. From the CCTV footage, Musyoka was not being followed by a car or person.

Detectives from the Special Service Unit (SSU) have joined the investigations.


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