11 People Lose Over Ksh.2 Million To Internet Fraudsters In Migori


Eleven people in Migori County have been conned of money amounting to Ksh.2 million by online fraudsters in the past seven months, a police report has said.

The swindling cases took place between July 2021 and January this year.

According to Migori Police Commander Mark Wanjala, one of the victims lost Ksh.900,000 to an online fraudster while another recently lost Ksh.230,000 after being duped into buying fake commodities.

The victim was reportedly supplied with tins of beans instead of fish food after forking out the money in the trade which took place at Mabera in Kuria West.

Wanjala said they have heightened crackdown on the fraudsters who are said to have been tricking people through phone calls.

The police boss noted that the majority of the people who have fallen victim to the fraudsters are women, urging the people of Migori to be careful.


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