13 people die in accident fuel tanker fire on Kisumu-Busia Road


Thirteen people are dead while eleven others are nursing injuries at Yala sub-county hospital in Gem Siaya County after an overturned petrol tanker they were fetching fuel from exploded.

The incident happened last night at around 9pm.

The fire broke out when one person opened the tanker compartment to allow them to siphon petrol faster before the arrival of the police.

“The members of the public took advantage and went to siphon the petrol as one compartment of the tanker was open. Another resident realising the other compartment was closed and delaying them, opened it to enable them to siphon very fast before the police could arrive in the process it caused a spark and blew up,” said Gem OCPD Mosera Chacha.

According to Chacha, a lorry ferrying milk and the fuel tanker hit each other. In the process, the lorry carrying milk swerved off the road prompting the tanker to swerve off as well. The petrol tanker fell down on its side.

He said they have been able to contain the fire with the help of fire engines from Busia County.

“We could not get a fire engine from our county since it is in Nairobi for repairs according to government officials,” he noted. 

The tanker is still at the scene while the lorry is at the Yala sub-county police station.


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