17 year old girl murdered by boyfriend.


A 17 year old was stabbed to death last night by her boyfriend after a fight ensued between them. The victim was heading home from school, Aneko Secondary in Migori County, when the said boyfriend attacked her.

Unfortunately, she died at the scene, when the witnesses were preparing to take her to the nearby hospital. According to the area chief, David Okoth, the occurrence was linked to love affairs although clear details are yet to be probed.

Investigations have officially been opened to locate and question the victim who escaped the scene when witnesses approached.

Cases of gruesome murders linked to lovers have been on the rise causing concerns of what could be triggering these acts. A week ago, a businessman in Kiambu shot his wife of 10 years, four times before turning the gun on himself. Their bodies were found in their bedroom which had been locked from the inside.

Health practitioners are pushing for more mental health awareness in the country and better procedures to be carried out before granting firearm licenses to individuals.


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