22-year-old female terror suspect makes shocking Al Shabaab revelations after being arrested in Nandi – Is this country really safe?


A female terror suspect who is linked to the dreaded Al-Shabaab militant group was arrested by police in Nandi, following a tip-off from the public.

According to a police OB report, the 22-year-old suspect, identified as Sheril Vugusta Lodenyo, told the police that indeed she had links with the Al-Shabaab group after she was arrested.

 She claims that the terror group kidnapped her in 2019 in Kilifi and trained her in conducting their illegal operations.

“ …On interrogation, the suspect confessed to having undergone training on weapon handling, Kidnapping, Robberies and the use of explosives for two years with Alshabaab after being allegedly kidnapped from Kilifi County in 2019,” the Police OB report reads in part.

She further told police that she allegedly escaped from the terror group and retreated to her rural home in Vihiga before moving in with her boyfriend in Nandi, where she was arrested.

“The suspect alleged to have escaped through Lamu/Mombasa and headed to her home county where she allegedly stayed until August 2021 and later to Kamalambu to date. 

“Information received is that she has been attending recent KDF recruiting centres. 

“Motive yet to be established,” read the OB report.


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