A High Profile Al-Shabaab Inmate Escapes From Prison


A high profile Al Shabaab inmate, who was serving life imprisonment, escaped from prison after snatching a security guard’s pistol and shooting two of them on the spot. This led to an enormous exchange of fire in the Prison.

Other three inmates stripped weapons from the dead guards and immediately started engaging intensely with the prison security team. 

Four Al Shabaab inmates were shot dead but several prison guards were wounded and some killed in the firefight.

There were two explosions during the prison attack, a result of grenades that were smuggled to the inmates through unknown sources.

General Mahad Abdirahman gave a statement on the attack but shunned from mentioning the grenades; this has raised so many concerns among occupants in the nearby area given that the central prison is one of the most secured compounds in Mogadishu.

Some reports have speculated that it was an inside job while others insist that the forces were not providing adequate security services inside and around the prison.


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