A Kenyan man narrates how a rogue police officer based at Ruiru Police Station robbed him after curfew – MATIANG’I please!


A Facebook user identified as Mutahi Robert has narrated how a rogue police officer robbed him after forcefully taking his phone and demanding the Mpesa pin.

Read the raw viral Facebook post.

Last night at around 10:02 p. m, I was arrested and handcuffed for violating the curfew.

One of the officers proceeded to take control of my phone, asked for my Mpesa pin, and proceeded to check my Mpesa balance.

I had received 1100 from a number, transaction code (BUSINESS PAYMENT FROM 300600-EQUITY BULK ACCOUNT via API.ORIGINAL conversation ID is 229153541271) (PHC8JFIQTQ)

The police officer proceeded to transfer 1030/ to his phone, transaction code (PHC3JFK18D) Phone Registered under MARTIN NDICHU KAMAU., and immediately transferred the same to another line.

All the while, he was holding my phone and proceeded to Delete the Mpesa message. This was to prevent me from sending the same to 456 for Reversal.

After letting me go, I went back to my office, tried to call Safaricom PLC but they could not reverse the money as apparently, the money had been spent by the receiver.

I had no other money on me, and was forced to spend my night in the office.

I am a hard working Kenyan; I am no criminal or thief. Violating of the curfew is wrong, but does it call for such violation of my rights, and any other Kenyan?

Since when did a Police Officer stealing from me become a remedy of whatever crime I may have committed?

One, taking control of my phone, demanding for the PIN is violation of my Privacy, my Data and Confidentiality.

A Police officer using handcuffs and a gun, plus his powers to steal my money is a violent robber, thus case of robbery with violence arises.

It is sad and unfortunate that this comes at a time when the Nation is in shock over the killing of the two young boys In Embu over the same reason, violating of the Curfew.

The Police have become the enforcers of the law, Jury and executors of the penalty over the Curfew Law, and the sentence ranges from Robbery with Violence to Death Penalty.

Dr.Fred Matiang’i and PS Kibicho have assured the family of the two Embu boys of a stern action and justice,but this will not bring back the boys to life, still, it will not and has not stopped the Law Enforcers from carrying out their Evil Trade.

Dr.Matiang’i and PS Kibicho, IG Mutiambai, I know this message may never get to you, but your officers, like MARTIN NDICHU KAMAU of Phone No 0768818168., Ruiru Police Station are not in your plans to stop the abuse of the law, infact, they are ready to violate the Citizens more.

The curfew that you and your seniors are trying to enforce is no more about Covid 19, it is about killing and stealing from hardworking Kenyans who wake up everyday to work, feed their families and make ends meet.

Be informed that the little I made on August 12th 2021 to go feed my two babies and their mother was stolen by your officer using a Phone Registered under the name MARTIN NDICHU KAMAU.

Dr.Matiang’i, PS.Dr. Kibicho and IG Mutiambai, do you still expect me to go home and tell my family to love this Country? How do you want me to explain to them that I did not go home, to take something for them to eat because a man armed by the Government stole from me?

This is what we have become, a lawless Nation where we fear Police Officers than normal robbers, worse, armed murderers armed and dressed by the State against its own people.

Sh1030/ is too little, but to my family, it was a meal, shelter, security and assurance of a better day ahead.

At a time when the Justice of man is so elusive, we wait for Justice from the Skies. Maybe, just maybe, Justice will prevail.

Here’s a photo of the Mpesa statement.

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