A ‘Mama Fua’ narrates how a man sexually assaulted her the whole night, rogue cops demanded Sh 5,000 to pursue the matter – Just Sad! (READ).


A man posing as a client invited a mama fua to his house to wash clothes for him under the guise that his wife was sick and sexually assaulted her.

After she arrived in the house, he locked her in and sexually assaulted her the whole night while holding a knife on her throat.

The woman managed to escape but when she went to report the matter to a nearby police station, the cops demanded a bribe of Sh 5,000.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the money.

She reached out to activist Njeri Migwi of Usikimye Foundation and asked for her help.

Njeri intervened and the rapist was arrested.

Below is a screenshot of what the activist posted on Facebook.

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Below is a photo of the victim.

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