A Section of Luo-Nyanza ODM Leaders Reveals their Next Move after the BBI Setback


Different messages and views continues coming in from different leaders across the political divide over the just concluded Building Bridges Initiative verdict which was given by the Court of Appeal on Friday 2021-08-20.

On one hand the pro-BBI politicians have mostly respected the court’s ruling even if they don’t agree with it and on the other hand the anti-BBI politicians received the court’s ruling with a lot of jubilation.

A section of ODM politicians from Siaya County while venting their concern over the BBI verdict stated that they have already moved on from the BBI issue however they maintained that their next course of action will be concentrated around Raila’s 2022 presidential bid.

The leaders who spoke to Ramogi FM said that they regret the loss and are ready to respect the court’s decision however they will champion for some of the good things contained in the BBI in the future using other avenues.

The Bondo Member of Parliament Honourable Gideon Ochanda applauded the ODM leader Raila Odinga for saying that he will not head to the Supreme Court to appeal the decision. According to Ochanda, this decision by Raila will help the country in moving forward without wasting more time.

Alego Usonga Member of Parliament Samuel Atandi on his part revealed that their main focus will now be shifted in ensuring that the ODM leader clinches the country’s top seat in 2022.

“We have heard the BBI ruling and now we no longer want to duel on it so much because we are now going to work hard to ensure that Baba becomes the president in 2022. Our lawyers will read the ruling and advice us accordingly,” said Atandi.

The East Imbo Ward MCA Mr. Francis Otiato however insisted that there are some good aspects of the BBI which were going to help the country and which should be fought for in the future. The Gem and Ugenya ODM Chairmen shared the same sentiments saying that things like the increment in the county funds are things which will have to be relooked into in the future.

Well, it is now clear that as far as BBI is concerned the die is cast and it time to move on according to the ODM brigade. They have now also showed that their next mission will be Raila’s 2022 presidential bid


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