A Section of North Eastern MPs Encouraging Proxy Wars in Kenya


On 1st March 2020, Kenyans were infuriated after learning that eight members of Parliament from North Eastern region had sneaked out of the country to Somalia, Mogadishu for a secret meeting with President of Somalia, Mohamed Farmaajo.

The meeting in Somalia had raised questions as to the MPs sense of patriotism especially after they insisted on keeping the details of their meeting ‘secret.’ However, recent events are beginning to show the cracks.

The eight MPs have been accused of souring the relationship between the two countries since their return from Somalia.

In what appears like a build up of this efforts, Mandera East MP Omar Salah, in a leaked WhatsApp police OB report, was alleged of ‘planning an inter-clan clashes in the larger Mandera county.’

The message accused the MP of smuggling in arms from Somalia and inciting locals against each other using an imaginary enemy.

Mandera County police boss said there is no reason for alarm since the police were carrying out routine patrols and had erected roadblocks along suspicious routes.

National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi, had expressed his concerns on why the MPs did not seek travel clearance before flying out as is mandated by Government policy for all state officers.

The MPs were touted to face espionage charges but they were eventually dropped.


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