A senior police officer saved from an angry mob.


On Thursday evening, a senior police officer almost got lynched by a group of angry boda boda riders after allegedly knocking down two pedestrians along Langata Road and attempted to flee the scene. 

The officer, identified as, King’ori Mwangi, is a Senior Assistant Inspector General of Police attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Boda Boda riders claim that he was driving on the wrong side of the road near Sunshine School in Langata. When question by the traffic officer who saved him from the mob, Mwangi explained that he was rushing to Karen Hospital to see a patient hence the mistake.

The victims were rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital and Mwangi, who is said to have suffered minor injuries, checked a nearby facility as well.

According to his colleagues, neither the victim nor witnesses filed a formal complaint which means the case cannot proceed until they do so.


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