A Shootout Between Thugs and Police Officers


A shootout incident ensued in Kawangware last night between patrolling Police Officers and three armed thugs.

Police officers responded quickly after the thugs confronted and robbed a man at gunpoint. The attempt to have them surrender and hand over their weapons proved fruitless leading to the firefight that left two of the gangsters dead.

The team is still trying to hunt down one of the thugs who managed to escape on a motorbike; A firearm with one round of 9mm caliber was recovered and the other two criminals taken to City Mortuary.

Officers have asked those who witnessed to be on the lookout and immediately report the location of the unidentified thug who ran away. They have also received the residents’ plea to enforce security around Kawangware considering the increase of insecurity complaints around the locality.

Most of the incidents happen very early in the morning and late in the evening both at homes and on the roads, which only means that no one is entirely safe.


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