A US Surveillance Plane Spotted


A United States Surveillance plane was spotted in Lower Shabbele Province with a registration number N27557.

The plane, which is mostly used for intelligence gathering, has the residence of Shabelle riled up simply because the region is used by Americans to launch drone attacks against Al Shabaab.

Despite the success of these drone operations, residents have raised concern over the increasing damages that are caused by these attacks. According to them, there is no difference between the US army and the Al Shabaab since both sides cause harm and disrupt their daily life.

Over the past few days, the Al Shabaab have faced blow after blow from both the Americans and the Somali National Army. In this recent drone attack that occurred in Al shabaab training camp in Kumba area, 15 militias were killed among them being the top operatives.

The gains are an encouragement in the fight against terrorism, however, the security forces should ensure that the locals remain unhurt in these airstrikes.


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