Ababu Namwamba Impregnates His Watchman’s Daughter.

Ababu Namwamba the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Foreign Affairs ministry.

President Kenyatta created positions of CAS in his cabinet as mattresses to provide soft landing for his allies who were shown dust in the elections. Their roles are not clearly defined, leaving most of them idle to the extent that one of them has been forced to mount his watchman daughter, just to keep himself busy. We cannot blame it on Babu Namwamba, a resident of Budalangi, because an old sage once observed that an idle mind, is a devil’s workshop and so the blame squarely lies with Uhuru, the creator of this positions which come with hefty perks and no work.

Now Babu has broken his watchman’s daughter’s leg. You know watchmen work at night and it seemed this is the moment Babu Nanwamba has been creeping to the vulnerable lady for horizontal engineering, firing with abandon

While the watchman is chasing thieves from Babu’s property, Babu himself is stretching his toes to fire live ammunition, to empty his loaded magazine, on his watchman’s daughter

The CAS, fits the description of a deadly fireman also called “jamach” in dholuo. They are said to have very flat buttocks. If you put a “kabiro”, also called a plumb bob, on his back, it will run to the ground without detecting any bump.

The flesh that was to be used to create the buttocks is rumoured to have been compensated at the G3

Unlike fat men who carry carry tooth picks, these lot carry weapons of mass destruction, and even when they go bathing by the river, the bird’s chirp a warning tone, mistaking their omieri for a real anaconda

It has not been long since this very tabloid that has broken this news, Nairobian, told us that the same Babu, had become defender in a football game, overlapping to attempt a score because those charged with that role had failed miserably and again rushing back to cover the vacuum and defend his goal line.

Babu Manamba had on humanitarian grounds been forced to overlap and provide (NI) natural insemination to his relatives wives and nieces and being a sharpshooter, he has made them all pregnant

Seems men from Budalangi, save for Namwamba’s kin, are extra potent because his successor, one Raphael Wanjala is also known to be a deadly overlapping defender

Apparently the law that abhors inbreeding is only taught in agriculture lessons, and not the law school, like the one the former ODM SG attended

Uhuru should give him some work to keep him busy, because once his normal head is idle, the other head, the nuclear war head takes over


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