Accident or murder? Autopsy reveals Ken Walibora had deep knife cuts on his body

Ken Walibora

Police have now launched investigations on what might have caused renowned author and journalist Ken Walibora’s death.

A postmortem conducted by Dr. Johansen Odour shows that Walibora had a deep cut between his thumb and index finger which was not caused by the motor vehicle accident.

He had also lost two of his teeth and had a blood clot in his head.

Ken Walibora’s body was found at Kenyatta National Hospital mortuary on Wednesday but events of Friday the 10th of April 2020 remain a mystery.

The postmortem conducted by the government’s chief pathologist reveals that his death is a complicated puzzle.

“He had a cracked jaw on his right side,his right hand was broken and also he had a clot on his right side of the head, and he had lost two teeth all these are common with motor vehicle accident,” says Dr. Oduor.

An injury on his right arm is what Dr. Odour says needs further investigations by the State.

“He had a wound cut caused by a sharp knife on the space between his thumb and the index finger which is not familiar with motor vehicle accidents,” reveals the government pathologist.

Investigations surrounding his death as shown by the autopsy report indicate a man who was trying to save his life by all means. Eyewitnesses have described how they saw him trying to cross landhies road on that fateful day.

Alikuja akikimbizwa na machokoraa akavuka ya kwanza ya pili akagongwa na gari,” says a witness.

The events surrounding his death took place at around 9.30am, an ambulance was called but failed to take him to the hospital upon arrival, a Nairobi county government ambulance later rushed him to Kenyatta National Hospital.

He remained at the hospital’s emergency area without being attended to from 10.30 am, throughout the day and at midnight he passed away.

The police are also trying to find answers on how his vehicle was found along Kijabe street which is located 30 minutes away from his Landhies road where he meet his death.

A memorial services was conducted on Saturday and he will be buried on Wednesday at his rural home in Bonde, Cherangany


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