AFRICOM Press Release on the Airstrikes against Alshabaab.


    The US African Command has released a press release confirming the airstrikes that were launched on Tuesday against Alshabaab militia in Somalia.

    According AFRICOM, the operation was conducted after the militia group attacked United States’ partner forces in a region near Duduble.

    This is the first airstrike in 2022 and the fifth in total under Joe Biden’s governance. AFRICOM have asserted their meticulousness during the process and are certain that no civians were injured or killed; this however will be confirmed once the assessment procedure is done.

    The operation was one of the many blows that Alshabaab has faced in the recent months through both airstrikes and Amisom operations within the country.

    The militant group however managed to carry out a number of attacks by planting IEDs on the road and the recent ambush of 4 police stations in Mogadishu. They went ahead and displayed some of the police vehicles that they seized in the process.

    Somali Government joining forces with the U.S has been applauded by several Somalia citizens who have been facing losses, injuries and fear courtesy of the Alshabaab.


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