Airbnb owners on the spot for installing private cameras


It is illegal for Airbnb owners to install cameras inside their houses without client’s consent, a property management firm has confirmed.

The clarification came amid concerns from clients that these cameras, most of which are hidden, interferes with their privacy.

Morris Aron, the Director Property and Discounts firm said: “As a standard rule, cameras are not allowed in any private area within a furnished unit. Cameras are restricted to common areas such as the entrance and are there strictly for security reasons.”

Adding that hosts who have cameras mounted in any private space within a furnished unit do not represent investors of good faith in the business, the firm called on the relevant authorities to investigate and prosecute any individual (s) found to be invasive of private spaces.

Although not negating the fact that there are actually Airbnb’s operators who secretly film their guests’ activities, Morris says it is unlawful since the Airbnb owner has access to all information required about the client.

“There are check in procedures. If we need information of any host we have the details before they check in. We conduct some background check to know our guests.”

In addition, since Airbnbs thrive on marketing obtained from various sources, Morris adds that any Airbnb secretly filming their clients activities is ruining the market for themselves.

Slammed for being notorious for recording people’s intimate activities while in the Airbnbs, social media users have expressed their worry on how private affairs are kept in Airbnbs.


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