AISHA JUMWA reveals why she divorced her husband


Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has clarified rumours surrounding her divorce from her ex-husband.

Speaking in a recent interview, the William Ruto-allied MP dismissed claims that she dumped her husband, noting that the man gave her an ultimatum to choose between marriage and politics. 

However, Jumwa chose politics and resolved to end their marriage. 

“I was asked to choose my political career or to continue being his wife and I decided not to kill my career,” she said.

Jumwa noted that after her divorce, she decided to take a break from marriage, further maintaining that she is not answerable to any man. 

“I am not a wife to anyone neither I’m I answerable to any man in this world. 

“When I became an MCA of Takaungu, the man (her ex-husband) said he cannot be married to a politician,” she added. 

However, despite being a divorcée, Jumwa hinted that she has a special someone in her life albeit not divulging much into the matter. 

“When you look at me, do I look like someone who doesn’t have a man in her life?” she posed. 

In October 2020, Jumwa and her alleged lover, identified as Geoffrey Okuto, were charged with the murder of Raila Odinga’s supporter, Ngumbao Jola, but pleaded not guilty.


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