Al-Shabaab Commander Surrenders


Al-Shabaab militia group suffered another blow as one of their commanders defected to Galmudug Forces earlier yesterday, 24th February.
Galmudug State Ministry of Internal Security (MOIS) confirmed the report of the defection through their twitter handle.
The tweet revealed that Abdulle Hussein Mohamed AKA Abdiqani, defected from Al-Shabaab, and surrendered to Galmudug forces at Ba’adweyn – Mudug region.
Abdiqani comfirmed that he was one of the Al-Shabaab commanders in the areas of Ba’adweyn, Somalia. An AK-47 rifle was also recovered following his surrender. 
This surrender comes at the time security analysts have noted increased attacks by the group inside Somalia, especially Mogadishu.
On 11th February, twelve security agents were killed by a roadside bomb planted outside a Somali town where political leaders had been meeting to try to resolve a row over a presidential selection process.
The group once again struck in Mogadishu right outside a police station on Tuesday.
Security experts have attributed this increased attacks to the ongoing election deadlock which the terrorist group is keen on exploiting.
There has also been other reports alleging that Al-Shabaab, who are Al-Qaeda’s main ally in East Africa, are embroiled in a simmering battle over the control of resources.
For months now, top leaders have differed on critical issues, leading to imminent split which would in long run jeopardize their terror activities to the advantage of civilians.


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