Security officers are on high alert after reports that Al Shabaab operatives are sneaking into the country to seek medical treatment from Covid-19. Somalia has been into war for over three decades which has greatly affected the health sector. Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world on knees including large economies in Europe, Asia and USA which have the best health facilities in the world. My biggest worry is how Somalia will handle this pandemic with their deprived health facilities and their malnourished population due to seasoned drought and floods.

    Somalia confirmed their first Covid-19 case on 16th March 2020 and so far for the last 24 hours 835 people have been infected with the virus. The virus have claimed 38 lives across the country and reports emerging is that there could be more cases since the government does not have capability of mass testing for the virus.

    Reports have indicated that the virus has also hit the areas being ruled by Al Shabaab militants in Somalia and some of the top Al Shabaab commaders have been infected with it. This has left the Al Shabaab militants with no option but to sneak their commanders in Kenya to seek medical treatment.

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    Last week the Kenya Defence Forces soldiers arrested seven suspected Al Shabaab militants who were trying to get into the country through Kiunga and it has emerged that two of the arrested suspects are very ill. This has made all the security officers operating along Kenya-Somalia border to be on high alert. This is not the first time Al Shabaab militants are seeking medical treatment in Kenya. In April last year Al Shabaab militants abducted two Cuban doctors working in Mandera county and according to the intelligence reports the doctors were meant to treat one of their ailing commanders deep in Somalia.


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