Alarm raised as heartbroken Kenyan COP threatens to kill his girlfriend and tells news reporter to be on standby.


A Kenyan police officer identified as Edwin Willis on Facebook has left Netizens perplexed after he made threatening remarks on social media.

According to an alarming message posted on his Facebook page, the cop says that he doesn’t sympathize with ladies who have been killed by their boyfriends.

He further states that soon, he will be on the list of men who have murdered their girlfriends and told reporters to be on standby.

“Some ladies what do you want in life. I see some of you don’t learn and you think life is always Afro Cinema and now I don’t sympathize with those killed by their boyfriends. 

“Soon or later, am gonna be on that list. New reporters be on standby. I need no comments here, ” the post reads.

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Here are photos of the heartbroken cop who might be planning to murder his girlfriend.

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