Alshabaab Landmines Removed


Security Forces in Somalia reported to have removed landmines that had been planted by the Alshabaab on the road between Buufoow and Number 50 villages in Lower Shabelle region.

This came alongside other reports that 17 Alshabaab terrorists had been eliminated yesterday in Middle-Shabelle. The SNA launched a mortar shelling in order to flush the militants from that particular area. These recent operations have seen security forces confiscating sophisticated weapons from them and destroying their bases while at it.

The SNA spokesman, Col Ali Hashi, expressed his pride in the recent results and has assured to continue with these operations for the remaining part of the year. He however described the use of airstrikes as ‘rare’ and confirmed that no civilians were injured during the operation. This, however, is yet to be backed up by the residents.

One other militant was recently gunned down in Kwale after residents reported suspicious activities in where he was residing. The DCI recovered an AK47 rifle and 763 rounds of ammunition. According to the counter terrorism team, this was a huge step, not only because they killed a terrorist but because members of public are joining in the fight and becoming more vocal about what they see.

All citizens are urged to stay vigilant, especially those attending the Safari Rally in Naivasha, because these terrorists are known to take advantage of such gatherings to cause chaos.


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