The western world is pushing for withdraw of AMISOM from Somalia and the war torn country is yet to taste peace. The AMISOM mandate will end on December 2021 and the white man is pushing so hard to see that all African soldiers helping their own to stabilize are gone and never to come back. The question is why change of attitude and interest all over sudden? These western countries stayed back for all those years as Somalia people killed each other after the fall of their formal government in 1991.

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From Left to Right: SFC Commander Maj. Gen. Muhoozi Kaneirugaba; Acting UPDF Contingent Commander, Col. Ronald Bigirwa; UPDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda and other UPDF officers in Mogadishu on Wednesday August 17, 2016

Their main motive is to cut Somalia from other African countries for easier manipulation and siphoning of their resources without question. The country is still fighting Al Shabaab who have killed thousands across Somalia. From the recent attacks which happened in Mogadishu during Eid al-Fitr celebrations is a clear indication that the country is far from defeating Al Shabaab militants.

Americans tried an incursion to Somalia in 1991 and they were ruthlessly defeated by Mujahedeen, now that African soldiers have fought the militants and weakened them this is the time they want to come in to kill the almost dying lion and take the credit. After Somalia announced its discovery of oil blocks and natural gas along the coast that is the time the white man have started showing interest in Somalia in disguise of intervention to the situation.

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A group of young Somalis chant anti American slogans while sitting atop the burned out hulk of a U.S. Black Hawk helicopter in Mogadishu, Somalia on Oct. 19, 1993. The helicopter was one of two shot down during a firefight with Somali guerrillas in which 18 U.S. servicemen were killed along with one Malaysian peacekeeper and 300 Somalis.

Where Americans and other western countries have joined conflict around the world in the name of reconciliation and peacebuilding it has turned out to be worse and devastating. For instance, Libya, Syria, Yemen are still in devastating situation after the western countries joined the conflict. What happens is that these western countries try to wrestle each other to display their power whenever they are involved in a conflict which leaves the parties involved in a bitter grudge and impossible to reconcile. Reconciliation should not come from outside but from the parties involved in conflict and that way a long lasting solution to a conflict can be reached.

The continued threats issued by European Union that they will stop funding the operation is in other words unfair. Given that these European countries colonized Africa for over a century and siphoned all our resources and used our men for labour on their road to development should inform them that this is the time for them to give back to Africa without hesitation.

As Africans, we have to come together to find our own solution to our problem. The white man will not help us in any way but always desire to see us remain in these conflicts forever.


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