Amount Of Money Azzid Nasenya Makes Per Month As Tik Tok Star Leaves Civil Servants Surprised.


Azziad Nasenya Wafula is a Kenyan actress, content creator, media host and social media personality. She is popularly known as Kenya’s Tik Tok Queen. She has been active since 2019 when she performed ‘Utawezana challenge’ the song originally done by Femi One and Mejja. She got alot of following from that time up to now. This content made Azzid a celebrity within a short period of time.

The Tik Tok star has been on the app long before she was inspired by her boyfriend to join the app . He is believed to be a content creator and a writer.

Azzid says, she joined the tiktok app only to have fun because by then she was doing Theatre, lip sync, dancing and monologue.

Sources from the Daily Nation says that, Aziid nowadays has a huge following and he makes a lot of cash from short videos together with other TiK ToK stars who have ventured into the entertainment through the app.

Azzid has become a big brand all over Kenya and the whole world as she partnered with many brands all over the world including Bic, cortex and travelers agency.

It is believed that, the TiK ToK star makes up to over 500,000 Kenyan shillings per month from the the brands and short videos she usually posts on her Tik Tok channel and her Youtube channel. Her YouTube channel has over 30,000 followers who enable her to prosper easily.

This is a huge challenge to many civil servants who are entirely depending on the government to pay them peanuts at the expense of doing alot of donkey work.


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