Angry Kenyans Gang Against Itumbi For Leaking These Details


In a late night message by one of the State House critics, worrying details emerged on what State House has been doing behind the scenes. Ruto’s confidant, Dennis Itumbi asked several questions on why some officers could be on the State House payroll and yet they may not be deserving. He asked the State House Comptroller that why is Gideon Moi’s Personal Assistant on State House Kenya Payroll? He asked him again if he knows one of those paid in this letter is the Standard Kenya Nakuru Bureau Chief?

Dennis Itumbi asked how can the State House explain paying the Standard Bureau Chief Government per diem for covering the late Moi’s funeral? He also claimed if the signatory of that letter, Mr. Lokorio that he should have told Kenyans that the chief is also hired under State House payroll at the senior job group R. However, his remarks forced many Kenyans react some told him to stop chasing his own shadow. Others told him to stop attacking State House as he was once there.


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