Another Bizarre Murder


Bizzare murder cases in Kenya have had a noticeable hike over the past few months; with most people blaming it on depression, poverty, the government or the general shedding of human value among citizens.

Yesterday, detectives arrested Grace Nyambura Njeri for allegedly stabbing Peter Maina several times on the chest. 

It is said a fight had erupted between the two, outside Peter’s house in Tigoni, Kiambu County leading to his instant death. Investigations have officially been opened to hunt for the murder weapon and gather enough information of what caused the fight in the first place. 

Still in the same vicinity, another murder case of a 32 year old man is being investigated by the DCI. The victim, identified as Duncan Kavucho Lugulu, was found by the roadside with gashes on his forehead and bruises on his chest. 

The fact that these cases were reported a few minutes apart could mean that they are connected- a theory that the detectives are currently working on. 

Citizens are advised to report any weird happenings around their locality and avoid using deserted paths especially at night.


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