Another Plane Crashes in Somalia


A Kenyan Plane registered by the South Sudan Agency crashed in Somalia, Dhobley, on August 3. The accident occurred when the crew was heading back after delivering food and medical supplies to Somalia residents.

A security team has not revealed the cause of the accident as they are still carrying out more investigations on the crash which left some of the seven occupants severely injured and hospitalized in Dhobley while others were airlifted to Nairobi for further medical attention.

Cases of Kenyan Planes crashing in Somalia are becoming rampant by the day which pushes Kenyans to question whether these crashes are legit accidents or linked to the Al-Shabaab Militia group.

Early May this year, another private Kenyan plane that had coronavirus medical supplies crashed near Baidoa killing six occupants. The Kenya’s foreign affairs ministry is still investigating even though there were speculations that the plane might have been shot down by Ethiopian forces operating in the area.

There have been allegations made by Somali Media about the state of Somali Airstrips being the cause of these accidents. The government is yet to repair and purchase new equipment that will help in averting the crashes.

The number of planes flying to Somalia keep reducing over time due to the security threats and uncertainties; this has led to the overloading of supplies in one plane to avoid making several trips within the same area of the country. A recent analytical report stated that overloading of supplies is among the reasons why these planes are crashing.

Somalia is on the verge of being cut off by other countries in terms of receiving medical supplies, food and financial help. This will not only affect the needy residents who genuinely need food donation but also the general Somali population who might suffer from skyrocketing cases of Covid-19 infections


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