Atwoli prays to solve fights with wife

Mary Kilobi Atwoli with husband Francis Atwoli.

Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli says he solves misunderstandings with his third wife Mary Kilobi spiritually.

“When Maria asks me questions I cannot answer, I hold the rosary, pray and sleep to avoid arguing with her,” he said.

Atwoli was speaking at the wedding of a young couple to which he was invited.

A video of his speech advising the couple on how to conduct their marriage was shared on social media.

“We are Catholics, we have a rosary, when we sleep at night and sleep is not coming, I hold the rosary and pray. You can ask Maria, she can send you one,” Atwoli advised the couple.

“So if you both live in prayers, your marriage will succeed, if you put God first.”

Atwoli and the TV girl Mary got married back in June 2018.


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