Atwoli speaking of Uhuru’s presidency 10 years from now.


Central Organization of Trade Unions Secretary-General Francis Atwoli has yet again ruled out the retirement of President Uhuru Kenyatta from politics.

Speaking on Saturday ahead of labour day celebrations on Sunday, the Cotu boss dismissed the possibility of the 2022 celebrations being Uhuru’s last.

He said Uhuru will not be the first president in the world to take a brief hiatus from politics and bounce back again after a decade or so.

“I am not saying this is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s last Labour Day celebrations because he is retiring while young. He can decide to take a break for ten years or more then come back to seek leadership again. It is happening in other countries such as Singapore and Ghana, where leaders who leave leadership when they are still young come back,” he said.

The Cotu boss further clarified that the sentiments were his and not a reflection of what the head of state is thinking.

“We cannot rule out Uhuru’s comeback in the future but we are going to thank him for standing with us for these ten years.”

President Uhuru is expected to exit the office after the August 9, polls having exhausted his constitutional two terms.

Atwoli is among the leaders who have publicly told Uhuru not to retire but to remain active in politics and shape Kenya’s leadership.

The Cotu boss has numerously stated that the Head of State is too young to retire.

Uhuru, on the hand, has responded to the calls saying he will leave office once his term expires.

But with the ruling Jubilee party making him its leader for the next five years, speculations have mounted on what Uhuru could be planning during his tenure considering that he has served at the apex of the country’s leadership.

Uhuru is also serving as the chairman of the Azimio coalition council with ODM leader Raila Odinga being the party leader of the coalition party.

Uhuru has endorsed Raila as his preferred successor.

Raila has also said that Uhuru will not leave after retiring since he is looking forward to his advice in steering the country in the event he wins the presidency.


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