Baby Drowns in a Water Basin


    Yesterday afternoon, a village in Konyonzo location, Kakamega County was engulfed in sadness when a 10-month old baby drowned in a basin full of water.

    Audrey Akumu, 25, was doing the family’s laundry outside her house, as her baby played and cooed softly just behind her. Suddenly, she realized that the baby had gone silent and turned back to see if he was okay, only to see him drowned inside a basin full of water.

    The young mother started running around confused as she wailed, attracting her neighbours who came running and retrieved the baby from the water. The baby was rushed to nearby Bliss Medical Centre but was pronounced dead on arrival.

    It is never too late to save a child’s life, even if they stop breathing. Parents and guardians should learn to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) even if a child is unresponsive and not stop until medical professionals take over.


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