Badi Scraps Sonko’s Nairobi Payment Platform, Launches New Code


The new unified payment short code (USSD) *647# will replace Sonko’s *235# which was unveiled in June 2019. 

“Nairobi County is now unified under *647#. Dial and access a one-stop platform for all your service delivery needs,” NMS stated on Friday, July 31.

Under the new pay code, Nairobi residents will be able to access and also pay for parking, business permit, land rates, property management and market bill management.

This is part of the decision made to hand over Nairobi County revenue collection to the government through the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) after Sonko signed the contentious deed of transfer in February 2020. 

KRA was handed the task in March 2020 and replaced the National Bank which collected revenue for Sonko’s administration from June 2019. 

The body stated that the new platform dubbed Nairobi County Revenue System (NRS) will have integrated customer touchpoints including USSD, mobile app and web portal which will offer online services and simplified customer interfaces to satisfy different ages of customers. 

It will also incorporate an inbuilt payment system that facilitates payments through mobile money, cards and bank transfers. 

Sonko and the National Government are embroiled in a tussle over the transfer of deed which saw Sonko hand over four key duties, Health, Transport, Public works and Planning, and Development Services. 

On Friday, July 24, the governor unilaterally pulled out of the deal which led to the creation of NMS. Sonko accused the government of undermining and baiting him into signing the deal. 


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