Bizzare hustle: Beautiful woman makes Ksh 2.7 Million selling fart – She farts on camera and charges Ksh 18,000 per fart (PHOTOs).


A woman is making a killing by just farting on camera and selling the videos.

The woman identified as Lush Botanist alias Fart Queen, revealed that she started the bizzare hustle after someone online asked her to fart on camera.

 Surprisingly, it ended up being one of her most popular videos, prompting her to venture into the bizarre hustle.

She has reportedly made Ksh 2.7 Million since she started selling the fart videos and charges Ksg 18,000 per fart.

The highest amount of money she has made in a single day was close to Ksh 400,000.

To make her fart sounds the best, she blows right in front of a microphone.

Lush has upped her game by farting in jars and sending them out to her customers.

 She has even started farting on flavoured lollipops of customer’s choice

“I have been doing this business for three years. I kept getting requests over and over,” she said.

Thes self-declared fart queen said that her diet has been adjusted so that she gets the best quality farts. 

Here are photos of the fart queen.

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