Bridget Shighadi and Brenda Wairimu Rock Swahili Wear.


The sensational Zora actress, Bridget Shighadi turned 30 years last week. She celebrated her birthday with family and friends in Prideinn Azure Hotel in Nairobi where everything was themed Swahili/ Moroccan.

Bridget shared several photos and videos of them singing and dancing to Taarabu and Taita songs. All the ladies who attended the party rocked red deras and had fun showcasing their culture.

Meanwhile, actress Brenda Wairimu shared a video of herself rocking a gorgeous green gown commonly worn by Swahili women. She was at Mombasa Mall where the Makeup N Glow cosmetics shop opened a new branch in Mwembe Tayari.

Several people in the past have compared them and putting them in the ‘who’s hotter’ contest. Others though, have had a hard time telling the two actresses apart, probably due to their complexion, body structures and the fact that they are both from the coast.

Brenda was at some point rumored to have dated Bridget’s baby daddy- Nick Mutuma.


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