Captain Ruth Karauri explains how she skillfully landed KQ flight amid Storm Eunice


KQ pilot Captain Ruth Karauri has been praised after she successfully landed a plane at Heathrow Airport, London, on Friday during a storm. 

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Britain’s weather service had warned that Storm Eunice was likely to cause disruption and challenging landing conditions.

UK residents were urged to cancel travel plans and stay indoors amid fears of high winds and flying debris across Northern Europe.

A video of a KQ 100 flight steered by Ruth Karauri navigating through the storm has been making rounds on social media, drawing praise and excitement. 

Speaking after the landing, Ruth narrated about the extreme weather conditions she encountered and how she was able to manoeuvre with first officer Ayoob Harunany. 

“We encountered Storm Eunice in London on Saturday. We were landing on the west. There were strong gusting winds and it was quite a bumpy ride. However, the training we had at Kenya Airways, particularly on the simulator prepared us for such a scenario. We used all our training expertise, previous skills and we handed the landing expertly,” Ruth said. 

Storm Eunice caused mayhem with travel in Britain. The aircraft were seen battling strong gusts as they came into land at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Some aeroplanes were wobbling mid-air, others skidding from side to side once they hit the runway.

Storm Eunice is responsible for cutting off power to over 140,000 homes and uprooting trees in Britain.


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