Carol Sonnie Reacts To Mulamwah’s Denial Of Fathering Keilah, Claims Of Terminating Pregnancy


Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah yesterday refuted claims of being the legitimate father of Keilah Oyando; Carol Sonnie’s daughter. The comedian had earlier divulged that Carol cheated on him while they were still in a relationship several months back. The latter claims were accompanied by a series of obnoxius information disclosed by the jester; including allegations of Carol intentionally terminating the first pregnancy from way back in 2020.

Mulamwah shared a disturbing photo and captioned with sensitive information;

”This was Keilah coming out, previously in the first pregnancy we had got a miscarriage. I later found out that it wasn’t miscarriage, mtoto alitolewa because alikuwa wa mtu mwingine. I wonder why we all try to look good out there and paint others bad when we know what we’ve done behind backs.”

He continued to share contacts of the person who Carol was cheating him with. And claimed that Carol was living at the fella’s house.

Carol Sonnie has written a cryptic message on her Instagram in response to all the allegations. The actress and vixen insinuated that she’s in pain because of all that’s going on. 

In a previous interview, Carol purported that she would no longer talk about the whole drama involving their daughter; adding that it would put their daughter’s mental health in jeopardy in future. Talking about mental health, Mulamwah is not fairing on well and recently claimed that he has not been okay recently.


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