Caroline Mutoko Buys Land For 11-Year-Old Daughter, 4-Year-Old Son

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Prominent media personality Caroline Mutoko has caused a stir after purchasing land for her 4-year -old son and 11-year-old daughter.

The seasoned radio queen took to Facebook to post a video of her giving her kids land title deeds, while preaching on the importance of starting to invest early enough.

Mutoko narrated that, while growing up, her grandmother had no investments whatsoever, while her mother made her first at 45 years of age.

She explained that her mother, in turn, pushed her to make her first investment while she was still in her 20s, hence her desire to start early with her own kids.

“Spending time with my daughter on the Chaching game during the Covid-19 lock-down of 2020, helped me open many conversations into money, how we make it, spend it, save it and invest it. How we give. 2022 has opened a new conversation in the investment space,” she wrote.

“She is intrigued by virtual currencies as she is about land. So we went to Goshen Acquisitions Ltd. So she can get her foot in the door of owning land in Kenya. I took my mother and four-year-old son as well.”

She further added: “My grandmother never owned anything. Not land. Nothing. My mother bought her 1st piece of real estate at 45. She pushed me to do the same in my 20s. Now it’s my turn to get my 11year old and 4-year-old to start their investment journey. Each generation must do better than the last.”

Mutoko posted a video in which they were shown the pieces of land on a map and then given their transfer documents. 


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