CHARITY NGILU reminded of her sex scandal where she was being bonked in a car park in Parklands – Don’t joke with RUTO’s soldiers


Kitui Governor, Charity Ngilu, is a naughty woman, going by the revelations made by Kikuyu Member of Parliament, Kimani Ichung’wa.

Ngilu started the conversation on Monday when she attacked Deputy President William Ruto after he revealed that he has apologised to Turkish businessman, Harun Aydin, who was arrested on Saturday and deported to Turkey on Sunday night.

“Just talked and apologised on behalf of GoK to Aydin Harun who has landed in Turkey after he was politically arrested, tortured and falsely profiled as a ‘terrorist’ but later quietly asked to fly out after buying his own ticket to avoid shaming those involved in the evil scheme.

“Political pettiness is expensive and dangerous. It will kill businesses, investments and ultimately our economy. We are shamelessly eroding our international investment standing and destroying our stature as a friendly and welcoming nation. SHAME!” Ruto wrote on his Twitter page on Monday.

In her response, Ngilu mocked the DP and asked him, he is apologizing as who?

“Ala! Kwani kuna serikali ngapi huku Kenya? Bw’ DP William Samoei Ruto, which GoK are you apologizing on behalf? 

“The Government of Kenya arrested the alleged terror financier. The confusion you have been sowing in government and across the country sasa umeanza ku-export to our trading partners?” Ngilu wrote.

This forced Ruto’s soldiers to join in the conversation and they didn’t hold back.

Ichungwa went personal on Mama Ngilu, saying that the “the grandmother” had no moral authority to lecture Ruto on the Harun Aydin issue having been caught in the parking lot at Parklands having sex with a young man.

“Shosh, tafadhali go brush your dentures. I hope uliacha tabia za parking lots pale parklands. 

“Somethings are beyond your toothless mouth or your parking lot tabias,” Ichung’wa told Ngilu


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