Chief Justice MARTHA KOOME is a State House gatekeeper! – EX CJ MUTUNGA says and blasts her badly


Former Chief Justice, Dr. Willy Mutunga, has blasted current Chief Justice, Martha Koome, for accusing him of politicizing the Judiciary.

Early this week, Mutunga urged all Judges in Kenya to go on strike in protest of the Executive’s tendency to ignore court orders.

However, in a statement on Friday, Koome castigated Mutunga, accusing him of politicizing the Judiciary, which she claimed is an independent entity.

But in a quick rejoinder, Mutunga accused Martha Koome of misusing the independence of the Judiciary and making matters of national interest personal.

Mutunga stated that the independence of the Judiciary without integrity is nothing, noting that integrity is the core.

He also advised CJ Martha Koome to sit down and talk with the President instead of giving him orders.

Mutunga pointed out the fact that during his time as the Chief Justice, the President was not agreeing with many things that the Judiciary recommended but they did not result in conflict.


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