Churchill blasts Govt on Covid-19 containment measures


Comedian Mwalimu King’ang’i has hit out at authorities over what he suggests is the application of double standards on Covid-19 containment measures.

Born Daniel Ndambuki, Mwalimu Kin’gang’i suggested via a Tweet that authorities are keen to stop entertainment activities in the country on the premise of preventing the spread of the virus.

But, he added, the same authorities are helpless to stamp their feet on political activities, and even appear to provide protection for politicians who host mega rallies on a daily basis.

King’ang’i, also an emcee and radio host, is among those most hit by the pandemic ever since the government banned entertainment-related gatherings in March of 2020.

He has been forced to cancel his weekly Churchill show in Nairobi, an event that brought together dozens of comedians to entertain hundreds of fans and the content aired on NTV.

Even though he replaced that event with the Churchill my journey show where he now does sit-down interviews with personalities, the cancellation has not only left a dent in his pockets but also made several of his employees, including camera crew, production team, and artists jobless.

Deputy President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga are among politicians that have been hosting mega rallies despite the government’s insisting otherwise…

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