Comedian JB MASANDUKU narrates how he squandered his first million in 11 days.


Former Churchill Show comedian JB Masanduku has narrated how he squandered the first million that he made through comedy.

Speaking in an interview, Masanduku said he left the country without any luggage to tour East Africa.

He had Ksh 1 million when he embarked on the journey.

However, 11 days later, he returned home with only 12 bob.

The witty comedian said he got to Uganda, bought some gear and a phone, took a cab, and went to the most expensive hotel. 

He then went to a club and bought alcohol for everyone.

While clubbing in Kampala, Sh 300,000 was stolen from him as he was surrounded by people who only wanted to gain from him.

From Uganda, he went to Burundi where he continued squandering the money.

By the time, he landed back in the country, he had only 12 bob left.

His then lover, Tina Kaggia, was angry with him as they had planned to invest the money.


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