Court orders Diana Marua to pull down the rape allegation video.


Content creator and singer Diana Marua has been ordered to pull down a video in which she had accused musician Willy Paul of attempting to rape her.

According to the order issued by Senior Principal Magistrate D.W Mburu on December 29, 2021, Diana was also barred from making any more allegations about Willy Paul.

It is hereby ordered that the defendant/respondent’s video and social media post posted on her YouTube channel titled My untold story, Willy Paul attempted to rape me, be pulled down pending the hearing and determination of this suit as it is prejudicing the plaintiff/applicant and making him lose business opportunities and making him suffer health-wise.

That the defendant/respondent herein either by herself, her servants, agents, assigns or any other person spreading the video circulating the same is hereby restrained by an interim injunctive order of the court from defaming, spreading and continuing to defame the plaintiff/applicant pending the hearing and determination of the suit,” read the magistrate’s orders.

Pozze has sued Diana for defamation and character assassination. He claims that his longtime nemesis Bahati is using his wife to settle scores with him.

He went on to insist that he has never assaulted or engaged in non-consensual sex with anyone.

Willy Paul stated that the allegations cost him 96 Million Shillings.

“I’ve lost a deal worth 10m from a telecommunications company. Four million from a mattress company. And an international recording and distribution deal worth 82m.”


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