CS Munya Issues New Statement on Ending Ksh100 Unga Subsidy


The Ministry of Agriculture, under Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya, denied reports that it suspended the Ksh100 Unga subsidy implemented by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a post on social media, on Saturday night, August 13, the ministry dismissed reports circulating in a section of media that it had ended the subsidy flagging the news as false.

CS Peter Munya on Sunday, August 14, 2022, issued a statement also dismissing the internal memo that was circulated in a section of media claiming the subsidy had been suspended.”Kindly note that the Maize Flour Subsidy Program is still on,” he stated.

Principal Secretary of state department for Crops Development and Agricultural Research, Francis Owino, was also reported to have refuted the claims and assured the public that the unga subsidy program was still on.

Owino stated that the ministry was still monitoring the situation and urged Kenyans to ignore the reports that were published in a section of the media.

The confusion was triggered by what is reported as a leaked internal memo dated August 13, indicating that the Treasury was slow in releasing funds to implement the program, thus the decision to suspend it.

According to the memo, Agriculture Cabinet Secretary, Peter Munya, had resolved to suspend the Ksh100 maize flour subsidy programme citing inadequate funds from the National Treasury.

The supposed suspension signalled millers to sell maize flour at prices of their determination.

Before the subsidy kicked in, a 2kg packet of maize flour was retailing for as high as Ksh230.

“As you are aware, the government through this Ministry and other key stakeholders has been implementing the ongoing Maize Flour Subsidy Program in partnership with contracted Millers under a Presidential Executive Order,” the statement read in part.

“However, due to inadequate exchequer releases from the National Treasury, it has been decided that the Maize Flour Subsidy program be suspended with immediate effect.

“The purpose of this memo, therefore, is to direct that you suspend the above program immediately and prepare a comprehensive closure report for my review as soon as practical,” Munya directed.

On July 20, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered maize flour to retail at Ksh100 from Ksh205 across the country.


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