DADDY DIARIES: Child labour or helping out?

Where exactly is the thin line between child labour and helping out? ILLUSTRATION | IGAH

On a hot summer day last year, I decided to take an outdoors walk and soak in some sun because for some reason my house is always cold regardless of the temperatures outside.

As is the norm my son tagged along; which was a good thing as he too needs the vitamin D. As we strolled slowly around the block, we came across something that grabbed his attention; the lawnmower.

The estate gardener had been trimming grass and taken a break, leaving the machine parked but still purring on the sidewalk.

The youngster ran towards it and attempted to mow like he had watched the operator do, shouting at me to watch how good a gardener he was. He was four years old in 2019, and a lawnmower is not a toy, so you can tell he put so much effort into making that thing move.

His small body slightly slanted and arms outstretched to clutch onto the handlebar, you could tell he was ecstatic, swelling with pride for every inch the beast moved.

I took the phone out, positioned myself and took a photo of him basking in the glory of being the day’s driver.


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