Details of how pastor’s wife was killed in Kisii emerge

Pastor Joel Mogaka, walks to Ogembo Law Courts over the murder of his wife on January 18.

Details have emerged of how a pastor’s wife was killed in Kisii last Thursday.

Hilda Nyakwara’s husband, Joel Mogaka, is one of the suspects in custody in connection to the murder. The other is a taxi driver. 

Yesterday, lead investigating officer William Bonuka presented the Seventh Day Adventist church pastor and his co-accused before Ogembo Chief Magistrate Denis Mikoyan.

An investigating officer who is privy to the investigation told The Standard that Hilda, a teacher at Bombaba Secondary School, had requested that they part and share the cost of their children’s upbringing.

However, Mogaka is said to have insisted on having the two go through a legal process in ending their marriage.

On the fateful day, three men reportedly arrived at their home, accosted Hilda and took her to the cereals store.

When she called for help, the house help came out but the attackers ordered her back to the house.

The house help then made a distress call to her bureau office in Mogonga town, which sent two men.

The men told police that when they knocked on the gate, it is the pastor who opened but ordered them back.

Later that evening, at 8pm, Mogaka is said to have called his father-in-law, Charles Nyakwara, to inform him that his daughter had not returned home.

Nyakwara later received another call from Mogaka saying his daughter had taken poison.

The two suspects will be taken back to court on Friday.


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