Details on Omanyala’s Contract With Adidas


Africa’s fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala on Tuesday, January 25, revealed details of his multi-million sponsorship deal with German multinational corporation, Adidas. 

Speaking in an interview, Omanyala stated that he had signed a three-year deal with a +1 clause. The one-year extension depends on his progress and form after the three years. 

Omanyala revealed that the sponsorship deal would cater for his traveling expenses and accommodation during national and international events.

The package deal also involves bonuses on every gold medal he clinches as well as records he breaks.

“(The deal) It’s good money, they will sponsor my travelling, knitting and bonuses for every win that I get. The money is a lot, it has surpassed millions.

“This year I’m seeking to break more records as opposed to last year,” he noted.

When prompted with the question regarding the figures of his contract the African 100 metre record holder avoided to answer.

In 2021, he broke the continental record during the Kip Keino classic after he clocked in 9.77 seconds- a mere 0.01 seconds shy of the winner, Trayvon Bromell.

Seeking to surpass his records, Omanyala noted that he would try the 200 metres race, although he noted that a lot of technicalities come into play.

“There are technicalities that I am yet to learn, but I will try. I will run the 200 metres and 100 metres which will be the mega race,” he noted.

This comes as Sports management company, DBA Africa, had cut ties with Omanyala in September 2021 over what it termed as ‘the two parties not seeing eye to eye in terms of values, co-values, and vision.’

Further, a week later, Snolegal Sports & Entertainment Law parted ways with the athlete- affirming that they had arrived at a unilateral decision with the athlete.

On December 3, 2021, Omanyala joined the General Service Unit (GSU) elite Recce Squad on special undisclosed terms. 

Omanyala would take up a  new role that will see him represent the National Police Service and the country in future track events.

The sensational Kenyan sprinter also landed a plum job at an American company, Aids Healthcare Foundation as an African Ambassador for the Vaccinate Our World (VOW) Campaign.

Omanyala will be used as a voice to champion vaccination across the continent, which still ranks lower as compared to other regions. 

Currently, Omanyala has set his sights on breaking the World Record of 9.58 seconds held by Jamaican legend Usain Bolt.


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