Detectives foil a terror attack in Langata and arrest a terrorist who was planning to attack revellers at a popular entertainment joint.


Detectives from Langata police station have arrested a terror suspect identified as Ali Abdullahi Hussein within Langata shopping center.

According to information shared by DCI, the suspect, who is a Somali national, had at around 2 am approached a police officer on patrol and cunningly sought information from him that he found suspicious. 

The suspect sought to know on which day of the week a popular joint along Langata road, hosts the largest number of patrons.

The officer was puzzled by the questions from the suspect, who posed as an ordinary civilian seeking general information. 

When the officer hesitated to respond, the suspect offered a reward of Sh180,000 in exchange for the information that was not forthcoming. 

Convinced that the man was up to no good, the officer on patrol raised his colleagues who responded immediately and arrested the suspect. 1,396 U.S dollars were recovered from the suspect.

 He is currently being grilled by anti-terror detectives, to establish his motive.


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