Director Sudhir Shah killed by goons.

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A director at the Ndarugo Plantations in Kiambu County was killed on Saturday by a group of goons who sprayed him with bullets during a meeting at the plantation.

The other 8 members who had attended the meeting rushed Sudhir Shah to a nearby hospital in Thika Town where he succumbed to the head and stomach injuries.

On questioning the witnesses, DCI learnt that the gang advanced on a motorbike and one of them used a pistol to engage the police officers who were guarding the deceased.

Officers have confirmed that nine cartridges were recovered from the scene and the weapon used by the security guard has been taken for a ballistic examination. The results, together with the postmortem report of Shah will give the case a better trajectory.

There are speculations that the goons might have been contracted by a competitor to attack him, while others insist it was a deal gone bad. Investigators working the case have warned witnesses and the family from further assumptions until proof is presented to them.


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