DJ Evolve to walk again soon.


By now the Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, must be used to receiving hateful responses on all his posts. Kenyans literally vowed to bring up DJ Evolve every time he attempts to comment about a rising matter- whether social or political.

Earlier today, he posted about seeking forgiveness from God for all his wrongdoings; most of the replies pointed out that he only acts Godly on the Sundays, some asked about the Wash Wash business allegations which he brushed off but two of his followers responded by telling him to pray for the man he paralyzed (DJ Evolve).

Babu Owino then replied with- “He’s doing well. Imebaki kidogo atembee.”

DJ Evolve walking again will be great news; a miracle if you may call it. He has been bed ridden for a year now since Babu Owino SHOT him and Kenyans are still advocating for justice.


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