Don’t hang me if you see me drinking tea with UHURU after all he has done to the Judiciary, it is just business! – CJ MARTHA KOOME tells dejected Kenyans


Chief Justice Martha Koome has asked Kenyans not to be worried if they see her having a cup of tea with President Uhuru Kenyatta after all the pain the Executive has caused the Judiciary in recent memory.

Speaking on Friday, Koome said Judiciary is not an island to work and stand-alone, noting that it needs the Executive to function smoothly.

She noted that as the Chief Justice, she will seek to promote inter-dependence with other arms of government, especially the Executive under the firm leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“We are seeking solutions on how to deliver justice.”

“If you see having a cup of tea with the president, we are discussing the administration of justice.”

“We are discussing the poor infrastructure of the institution of Judiciary.”

“You have all been at the Supreme Court and it’s now a museum, that’s where we operate from and you know we are not artefacts,” Koome stated.

This comes even as Uhuru continues to punish the Judiciary from right, left, and center for allegedly frustrating his administration.


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