‘DP Ruto’s Contributions Come From His Private Businesses, We Also Contribute’, Says Duale


Garrisa Township Member of Parliament Aden Duale has come out to defend Deputy President William Ruto’s donations to churches which have have in the past a subject of criticism.

Speaking on the JKL show on Wednesday night, Duale said Ruto’s funds are a share of profits from his private businesses.

“The Deputy President, not once, even to this television stations, has told you the kind of business he runs. He can give part of his profits. We can do corporate collection, when I build mosques and Madrassas in my constituency, the money doesn’t come from me; it comes from a number of top business people, we do fundraising,” said Duale.

The legislator further stated that the contributions are not a one-man-show, saying he, among other allies to the Deputy President, also contribute to the donations.

“… even us we contribute. If he pays 500,000 shillings I pay 100,000 shillings, another member pays 50 shillings and I do that even in my constituency,” he added.

Duale also argued that giving is not a crime, adding that even he does the same to fellow Muslim institutions in his Garissa Township constituency.

“Every day, my Zakat as a Muslim can be a source of empowerment fund…  So don’t think if I go and give 500,000 shillings to Garissa Islamic Centre that money must have been a precede of corruption. Giving is in the heart and it is not a crime.”

While DP Ruto has heavily been criticized for his contributions to churches, including from ODM leader Raila Odinga who has accused him of perpetuating corruption through the money, Ruto has maintained that he will not stop giving to the church just because of some people who do not like the way he worships.

“Some have a problem about how often we go to church, others have accused us of carrying money to church but we will not stop,” said the DP in July at a church service in Kiambu.

“We are looking forward to the day when we will not be taking thousands, when we will not be taking millions but when we will be taking billions to church”

He has also been quotes saying he is where he is today because of God and should be allowed to worship how he deems right.


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